De Leaf Thanaka Duo Translucent Loose Powder

Net weight 15g.

A translucent powder with a softand silky texture combining two shades in one. For a bright, pearly sheer andoil-free skin all day. The two shades work on all skin tones giving youflawless skin

1st Twist: The light yellow powder enrichedwith ThanakaExtract gives natural coverage and helps control excess oil giving youshine-free skin. 

2ndTwist: The pearly pink powder enrichedwith Pomegranate extract and delicate shimmer gives skin a pinkish brightglowing look.

3rd Twist: Apply 2 shades together for anaturally flawless look.

De Leaf Thanaka Duo Loose Translucent Powder

The powder is translucent and can be used for foundation setting without changing your make up colors.

The Light Yellow Thanaka Extract effectively helps control excess facial oil giving you shine-free skin.

The Pearly Pink Pomegranate Extract with light sheer shimmer helps brighten your skin leaving a naturally pinkish fair look.

Thanaka and Pomegranate extracts have high antioxidants which helps in anti-aging and preventing acne.

 Fragrance free formulation.

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