De Leaf was established with the belief that 

natural ingredients are the key to healthy skin.

We rediscover nature and resemble it with 

science to create a key to unlock the natural

beauty in women’s skin.

Natural Ingredients

Various natural extracts have different qualities, specialties and benefits. 

We seek to pick the finest ingredients and 

of best quality from its source of origin


Thanaka is a tree widely found in Myanmar. 

The Thanaka powder, grinned from the bark of tree, is commonly used to put onto the skin with its benefits for brightening, reducing the cause of acne, 

oil and sebum control and giving you 

smooth silky skin.


Pomegranate is popular for over a thousand years, known for its richness in punicic acid that is found only in this specific fruit.

Pomegranate has various benefits such as help facilitate blood circulation to betternourish and restore dry skin to be rejuvenated and beautiful.


Happiness could simply originate from surroundings beginning from the little things of self-caring by the best. 

We believe that natural ingredients are the key to healthy skin. 

Come together to reveal the Beautiful and Healthy skin of all females by De Leaf.

Thanaka, a natural herb originating from Myanmar. 

A miracle from bark to creamy yellow powder, the secret of clear skin of Burmese girls for 2,000 years.

The research reports have indicated that Thanaka powder consists of high anti-oxidants same as those found in French maritime pine bark.

De Leaf has been determined to develop and create natural beauty products until becoming an expert on Thanaka and natural extracts from their origins.

From proficiency combined with cutting-edge technologies certified by dermatologists without any irritating substances and zoopery, to the skin preventive and care product, 

De Leaf is determined to deliver happiness through healthy and beautiful skin.

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